The Solution is in the Air .

World's First Fully Automated, Inflatable Packaging Solution.

The patented  Technology offers retailers a fast and efficient transition to circular  packaging services.

Aero Flex

Our patented Aero-Flex technology harnesses the infinite resource of air to achieve an optimal balance between flexibility and rigidity for secure product stabilization and protection. This unique approach is the key enabler to Zero Waste shipping. By selectively controlling air stream, the Paze Pack automatically adjusts to the product.

Dynamic Label

Experience the future of parcel labeling with Paze Dynamic Label. Elevate your brand, reduce your environmental footprint, and ensure your parcels always arrive in style.

Circular Design

Trash is universally unwelcome. In our solution, waste is non-existent. We're departing from the world of disposable, short-lived solutions, ensuring both our packaging and resources enjoy a prolonged and meaningful existence.

Multipocket System

Paze Multipocket allows you to accommodate various products, sizes, and volumes effortlessly, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Discover everything you can do with Paze.

Paze is more than packaging. It`s a Zero waste Packaging System.

Adjustable Height

The patented aeroflex technology allows us to adapt the height of the pack to your products. Paze optimizes space and weight, reducing shipping costs and environmental impact.

Ready in 2 Second

With just one air blast, the Paze becomes shipment-ready, gaining its full stability for the tough journey to the customer.


Paze's tracking and labeling options allow for easy monitoring and traceability, enhancing overall security.

200 kg Stack Weight

The Paze Pack is made to endure up to 100 Cycles, without loosing any of it`s stability. The Paze Pack is made to withstand up to 200kg stacking weight.

Cost Efficient

Paze strikes the perfect balance between cost-efficiency and product protection.

Stackable and Nestable

It can be stacked, stored, and transported efficiently, maximizing space in warehouses, trucks, and containers.

Easy to Handle

Paze offers a hassle-free experience for both logistics personnel and recipients, from opening to disposal. Paze eliminates the need for frustrating adhesive tapes, bubble wrap, and waste. Through standardization and certification, Paze is perfectly aligned with logistics processes.


Paze ensures the security of your products with robust, tamper-evident design.


Paze includes clear labeling and information for easy identification, sorting, and tracking.


Paze can be tailored to meet specific branding requirements and product needs like ESD, Logo branding and Cooling.


Paze is easy to clean, with the inside featuring antibacterial material, while the surface is both dirt and water-resistant.

Why We Are Better Than Conventional Single-Use Packaging .

Paze Packs
Single Use
Product Shipping
Moisture Protection
Reusable Cushioning
Closed Material Loops
2-Second Setup
Positive Initial Experience